junho 22, 2015

James Bay

Music is such a huge part of my everyday routine. It's nice to just tune out and listen to inspirational songs that get you going. Favourites are James Bay, Daughter, Mumford & Sons, and Kodaline, to name a few. And when I'm reading on the bus I listen to relaxing beach or rain or bird noises so that I can focus.

PS. and if you don't use bloglovin, I would really suggest it to everyone. It´s the easiest way to follow all the blogs you read, and is the first thing  I do in the morning, and before I go to bed. And the you can follow OH, CAROLINA here


junho 19, 2015

Hey! So today I thought I would post something diferente and show what is diffesing rent around here. Let's start off with the layout itseft, the whole appearance of the blog is diferent. The only thing I kept the same is the font in the blog title as it has become OH, CAROLINA! font since this begining. I did work with Daniela Salsa, author of The Restless Mind Design, a blog design store, on making of mine as perfect for you as possible so I really hope you like it and feel free to tell me what you like and don´t like, who knows I might chance it if  I agree whit you. My blog is one of my dearest possessians so taking this huge leap and trying to make it a profissional as possible is really important to me.


junho 18, 2015

Hello gurls! Long time no post! I can finally say that my high school days are over! I honestly thought, this year no have to final exams, would leave me with a weight off of my shoulders, but the empty feeling of not having anything to do and realisation that I have to physically find a part time this summer. However, an obvious plus point in this is that I finally have time to get some consistant
stuff out on this which hopefull can be a good thing.
Luckily, there was enough time to shot my outfit out, and after a lot of opportunites, finally a chance to show off my favourite new Adidas Stan Smith. This sneakers have been on my wishlist for way too long and there finally mine!
 I hope you are having a lovely weekend!


junho 02, 2015

Hey guys, como é que estão?
Portanto, esta quinta - feira é o último dia de testes deste ano letivo e eu estou animada com isso. Ainda assim, fiz esta lista da Pull&Bear (entre outras) das coisas que eu gostaria de comprar, mesmo que não seja para agora, pelo menos, para este mês.

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