julho 21, 2015

 My life has been pretty much occupied by my new part-time. All shopping I did recently was done at Pull&Bear and there wasn’t that much time left for treating myself - I kind of feel like I deserved to get a present (or two?). If you’re like me at all or have a celebration coming up, here is something you might like as well!

NEED- I’ve been looking at the new phone's lately. My phone is getting a bit "old" I currently have my eye on Huawei P8 lite!
WANT -  I’m in need of a new camera. INSTA MINI 90 is just a perfect combo between professional full frame and instant camera.
WEAR-  This dress would save me from getting hot days while dancing through those summer weekends!
READ - There wasn't that much time left for reading and I'm  still planning on giving a go to last 'The girl on the train' by Paula Hawkins. Have you guys read it yet? What did you all think?

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