setembro 03, 2015

From The Chronicles of Her
I' m all about sharing the love and I think that if you enjoy reading or looking at my blog then these four bloggers with their fantastic style will definitely appeal to you. The styles of the bloggers I have been following, some have found new directions that aren´t as inspiring to me as they once were, others have appeared as if from no where and blown me away with their wonderful style.

JUST ANOTHER Fashion Blog by Lisa Dengler. I’ve developed a strong infatuation with the classic look, and Lisa Dengler, fashion blogger from Just Another Fashion Blog, takes on this look perfectly. Her subtle colors take on a major role and fit in perfectly with one another; stripes, sequins and all.

TAKE AIM by Michelle  has some major confidence and effortlessly cool style. With a love for fashion that extends into her own clothing line, we are obsessed with Michelle's passion and love for everything she does. Michelle is one amazing girl with amazing style and an amazing blog, but don't just take our word for it.

The Chronicles of Her by Carmen Hamilton. It is fast navigating the world of fashion with an elegance and assurance beyond her 24 years. We ask the style savvy girl-about-town her secrets to good skin, what beauty saviors she can’t live without and her quick fix for puffy eyes.

The Fashion Cuisine by Beatrice Gutu, is essentially an outfit-of-the-day and style inspiration blog, with an occasional mood board or shopping list. I'm not sure what Beatrice does for a living, but she could certainly be a model! Her wardrobe seems to be a mix between city.chic and professional, without being too stuffy.

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  1. Obrigada Carolina!
    Gosto imenso do teu blog, continua :)

    Um grande beijinho, Beatriz ♥

  2. Descobri mesmo agora o teu blog e estou a gostar muito! :) Os teus trabalhos no outro blog também são muito bons, parabéns! Gostei imenso das fotografias do post "The bath with flowers" ❤

    um beijinho,


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